Basics of managing your Kingdom

Your village is composed of many different buildings. Each building performs some unique function. Buildings have levels. The higher the building level, the better it is able to perform its function.The building level is represented with a number above it.

As you upgrade your buildings, the image overview of your village will change and grow. To have a view of the position of your village with respect to the entire realm, click on the map from the header. A map will be displayed centred on your village.

On the map you can view your surroundings, including your neighbours. Your village is in the middle with a white shield. Move your mouse over other villages and get to know about your neighbours. Click on any village and a pop-up is displayed. Click on the player overview.

The player overview page provides the details of the player. Number of villages, the clan he/she belongs to. You can also communicate with the player within the game using the link "sending a message". There is another option of viewing the Facebook Profile of the player but this may not be available if the player has made it anonymous.

Expanding your Village
You manage your constructions at the Headquarters. The page displayed after you click on the headquarters allows you to build new buildings, upgrade the existing ones, or downgrade buildings you feel you can do without.

HQThe higher the level of the Headquarters , the faster your other buildings are upgraded. As you upgrade the Headquarters, the workers in your village get more and more efficient and as a result, construction of other buildings takes less and less time. See the Headquarters page to get an idea of the reduction in the Build time Factor as you upgrade the Headquarters.

Important Village Information

On the top left is the silver your village generates. 7800/25,783 (+1,810/hour) is the format in which it is displayed. The number before the slash is the silver you can use to develop. The number after the slash is the treasury size i.e. the maximum amount your treasury can hold. Your silver mine constantly produces silver 24/7. It is displayed as per hour production which increases as you upgrade your silver mines.

Just below this the name of your village along with the co-ordinates is displayed : Village name (X,Y). The X and Y indicate the location of your village in the Realm. As you proceed to take over villages there will be a link from where you can navigate to your other villages, tag your villages as well as apply filters for easy navigation, see the status of units and buildings of all your villages.

Farm2 Farm land is the source of food. Farms produce food which allow you to feed workers working to upgrade buildings in your village, as well as troops you recruit. It is represented as 7123/26000. The number before the slash is the food already consumed and the number after the slash is the food that your farm has produced and can be utilised to upgrade buildings or recruit troops.You can never recruit more toops, or hire more workers than your farm can support.

Troops- The "Spirit'n'Soul" of your Kingdom

No sovereign can rule without an army and neither should you. Each warrior type is specialised and has an important role to play. The types of troops are:

Citizen Militia
Light Cavalry

At the beginning, you are not able to recruit more troops. You need to have the Barracks built first. Do not neglect to recruit troops else you will become an easy and tempting target for your neighbours.

The "Essence" of the Game

Join/Create and Lead a Clan

You should consider joining a clan - a group of players or creating one. It is best to be part of a clan within your protection period of 5 days. Alone, we become prey of stronger players. In a clan you conquer and defend together. From the map, explore the clans your neighbours belong to and also go through the public profile pages of various clans to choose one of your choice. Then send an in-game mail to the clan leader asking for an invite. You can join the clan or form and lead your own clan. There is nothing more powerful (and fun!) than a clan full of real friends.