In RoE, the Rank 1 player is the one with maximum village points. But, if you don't keep the army, building & relations in balance the entire kingdom may fall apart in a matter of few days.

    There are 13 Buiding Types, 8 Army Types, 3 Inter-Clan Relation Types. And other limiting factors are time, silver & food. The facebook gifting & Servant boosts might accelerate your gaming. However, your gaming style is more crucial.

Village Specialisation - You always have the choice to upgrade only those buildings you want. There could be a village for attack (max stable), a village for defense (max barracks), a village for spy (max tavern)... The Specialised villages will give you direct solutions in decisive fights as a normal player will find it hard to defend a wave or two of 2000 knights.

Clusters - Clustering is the process of surrounding your villages with friendly villages so that you can move to another place and build another cluster. The advantage is that one cluster will help you defend another cluster. And the bigger the cluster is the greater will be fight power as even experienced players will find it hard to crack into a cluster of villages.