Spies are your covert ops specialists. Spies gather valuable intelligence on your enemies’ villages - spies are able to determine the troops stationed at a village, the buildings at a village and the amount of silver in the treasury.

Spies also posses a special ability - unlike other troops, when spies are attacking a village alone, there is a chance the defender will not even see the attack coming! And if the defender does see the attack coming, he will not know who is sending the attack. Once the spies arrive at the target village, then there is a chance that the defender will find out who sent the spies, but there is a chance he will never know who sent them; although the defender will always know he was spied on, even if he does not know by whom.

The only way to protect your self from spy attack is to garrison spies in the village. The higher the ratio of the number of spies in the village to the number of spies attacking, the higher the chance that the defender will see the attack coming, the higher the chance he will find out who sent the spies, and the lower the chance the attacking spies will be successful in getting information about the target village. Attacking spies can only be killed by defending spies.

Please note that even a village with no spies has some counter-spy ability; the villages alone are able to spot a spy from time to time therefore do not expect a guaranteed result when attacking such a village, and do expect that some of your spies may be captured and killed.

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