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About Realm Of EmpiresEdit

Realm Of Empires Realm Of Empires is a medieval-themed Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy Game - MMORTG.

You start with a small village which you grow into a mighty fortress as you struggle for dominance of the realm playing with, and against real people. It’s a game of diplomacy, strategy and war.

The game is intended to be played as little as just a few minutes per day, over many days, weeks and months as you make friends in a medieval world, but in reality it's a game that people play for hours and hours a day, ignoring their families, friends, jobs and lives, until they become overwhelmed and eventually quit, although there are a few really crazy people that love the in-game drama so much that it in fact becomes their life.This game is an attempt to simulate the decisions and processes inherent to some real-world situation. Most of the mechanics are chosen to reflect what the real-world consequences would be of each player's actions and decisions. Players will have to consider situations that are analogous to the situations faced by leaders of historical battles. As such, war games are usually heavy on simulation elements, and while they are all "strategy games", they can also be "strategic" or "tactical" in the military jargon sense.

It is a game which provides not only fun but is also challenging and provides a creative outlet. It offers a myriad of ways to improve literacy and basic mathematic skills. It's learning through play. Fighting is just one aspect to the game. There are also skills such as Diplomacy or Move Silently that give characters non-combat options.

Join in the adventurous journey of a Serf becoming a Prince and then the Great Emperor…

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