In Realm of Empires, a player starts his game from the lowest of positions to the highest possible one. Edit

Every player starts as a Peasant.

Peasant Edit

The first position is that of a peasant. A peasant's points is up to 16 village points. As a peasant, the player is at the lowest rung of the hierarchy.

Yeoman Edit

The second position in the game is that of a yeoman. They are the ones that actually start building and expanding the city.This position is up to 24 points.

Free-Man Edit

The third position in the game is that of a free man. Such players are those who starts recruitment on a daily basis. This is from 25-49.

Steward Edit

The Steward Is the first major position. Yet, many players leave the game at this stage.

Merchant Edit

As a merchant, the player might start sending out invitations. Sometimes, they do this earlier and sometimes later.

Great Merchant Edit

The sixth position is that of a Great merchant. A great merchant is a prominent position as many players start farming rebel and abandoned cities for silver.This is up to 499 points.

Knight's Squire/Dame's Maid Edit

A knight's squire is usually preyed upon by larger players as the captured villages are quite large in terms of village points and thus easier to expand.It is from 500-999 total village points.

Knight/Dame Edit

The eighth position is that of a Knight/Dame. Players from this position are respected in their respective clans.It is from 1000-2499 points.

Grand Knight/Grand Dame Edit

A Grand Knight is a position with enough respect. Grand Knights usually start building palaces and buying chests. This position allows the player to access multiple realms.It is from 2500-4999 total village points.

Baronet/Baronetess Edit

Baronet, the tenth position are usually the players who start capturing villages. These players are more experienced and are attacked by other players due to their high village points.It is from 5000-9999 village points.

Baron/Baron Edit

The eleventh position is that of a Baron. Barons are given much respect in their clans. They are usually made invitors. A Baron is from 10,000 to 19,999 village points. They might own 3-6 villages at the time.

Lord/Lady Edit

The twelfth position is that of a lord. A lord is a very prominent position because players of a ranking of lord and upwards are considered threats. It is from 20,000-39,999 points. A female player of this rank is called a Lady.