Infantry, the core of the medieval army, is a formidable fighting force.

Comprised of various units like light infantry, heavy infantry, pikeman and various missle troops it is a well rounded defense force able to withstand all but the most devastating attacks – the heavy cavalry charge. All infantry is the strongest defensive army however since recruiting only infantry is very time consuming, you may find it useful to augment your defensive force with cavalry (if time is limited).


Now for the real description, and a few of thier uses.

Infantry are mainly a defensive units, when used in numbers of more than twenty-two thousand, they can stop many villages worth of knights. When used in a combination with Cavalry and Knights, Infantry are almost unbeatable on the defense.

On the offensive, Infantry have little use except for farming in the beginning of a realm. They can also be used for fake attacks (covered later). The only thing I would recommend using Infantry for as offensive unit, is escort for your governors.


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