Governor is used to capture other villages. In order to take control of another village, you need an administrator who will control it and keep the peace.

To recruit a governor, you need to have a palace, and then you need to buy a number of chests to ... entice the noble in question into swearing fealty to you. Only then can you recruit the governor, which will use up the chests.

When you send an attack with a governor present, and the governor survies the attack, he tries (using any and all means available!) to persuade members of the Council of Elders to accept you as their new ruler (since their current master is clearly doing a poor job protecting them from plunder and war!)

Some members of the council are harder to persuade than others and repeated attacks are necessary to convince everyone. Once the Council of Elders approval for the current regime falls to below 49%, the village becomes yours. But be aware that at this point you will be vulnerable as you will start with a very low approval rate. The approval will slowly increase over time.

Once you take over a village, the governor stays in the captured village as an administrator and you will need to recruit another governor to capture more villages.

The cost of recruiting a governor increases with each governor you recruit – since as your court and empire expands, your future administrators expect higher bribes, higher rewards etc.

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